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Ehi-Vic Blended crayfish is one of the common foodstuffs that you can’t do without especially if you are from tropical West Africa. It is a major cooking ingredient in Nigeria. Crayfish is rich in protein and enhances the taste of all kinds of African soups and stew.

Ehi-Vic Blended Crayfish is made from dried blended “Crayfish”.  It adds a very traditional flavour to whatever ethnic food it is used to cook and mostly find in Nigerian soups, stew, fried rice, jollof rice, porridge yam and many more.


Features of Ehi-Vic Blended Crayfish

  • Handpicked to seperate crayfish from the chaff
  • Cleaned, sorted, oven dried then crushed to medium sizes.
  • Packed in a sealed container to retain the value and freshness for over a long period of time.
  • Ground into a coarse form with a dry mill.
  • It is 100% natural and contains no preservatives or additive.



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