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EhiVic Ground Fresh Pepper is made from 100% properly grinded hot Pepper from the Northern part of Nigeria.

APPLICATION:  To experience the best of  Powder Pepper, use in Fried rice, Stew, Egg Sauce, Pastry, Biscuit, Biscuit, Snack,  Pasta, Noodles, Meat, Yam porridge, Vegetable dishes, Chicken sauce etc.

EhiVic Ground Fresh Pepper is a brand name which produces natural grounded dry powder pepper for cooking. These product is made with natural ingredients with no dangerous mixture contents added. 100% natural and hygienically processed and packaged. Can be used to spice up your cooking for tasty meals. It is made in a very good hygienic environment and good for human consumption. It is good in kitchen and can be use to cook variety of foods that require pepper. The mixtures of the pepper is carefully selected and all good for human health. The health benefit of EhiVic  ground pepper are :

Help individual to fight infections,

Loaded with B-Vitamin components,

Assist in red blood cell formation,

Perfect for keeping hair and skin strong.

It is produced in a very good hygienic environment. 100% natural red hot pepper

·         No chemical additives.

·         Hot and spicy for variety of meals like stew, Sauce, Rice, Meat, Snack, Pastry, Bread.

·         High content of essential vitamins and minerals


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