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Power: 3.7V/950mA lithium polymer battery, Weight: 550g, Size: 150*95*170mm, Ambient temperature “0-40 degrees, Atmospheric pressure: 86KPA-106KPA



Name: Eye Massager

Power: 3.7V/950mA lithium polymer battery

Weight: 550g

Size: 150*95*170mm

Ambient temperature “0-40 degrees

Atmospheric pressure: 86KPA-106KPA
Relieve eye fatigue, dry eyes, sinus pressure and headache. You relax your mind and help you sleep better
Improves blood circulation and helps reduce edema and dark circles
Enjoy every three unique massage modes.
Maximum portability by rechargeable lithium battery
Folded into a leather case black travel
The eye massager features intelligent air pressure, vibration, massage and hot pressing massage techniques.

This wireless digital eye massager is controlled by a microcomputer chip that rubs, presses, heats and massages the eye to relieve tired eyes.
It has a built-in music player with pre-recorded natural sounds that can relax your brain and help you sleep better.

There are 3 different massage modes for massage, which can relax the muscles around the eyes and improve blood circulation.
Used frequently, this massager can also help reduce edema and dark circles.
180 foldable for easy carrying and storage.


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